The Best Football Games for Android

There is no doubt that football is the most famous sport if we talk about smartphone ones. There are even some people who prefer the virtual game to the real one. In this article, we are going to present to you the top football games for Android.

Be a Designer in Dream League Soccer

Even if you are not a football fan, we encourage you to try this game out. You may like it! DLS is similar to FIFA and PES. However, unlike them, it is intended to be played only on mobile devices. Don’t you think that this is very convenient as you can play it on your phone anywhere and at any time?  One of its top benefits is that it is absolutely free. You can download it from your store app and start playing. Below you can find some of the best features of DLS:

– Choose your players and adjust them to your preferences.

– You have the unique chance to participate in a number of live events.

– Do you dare choose or even change your team’s logo?

– Take the opportunity to take part in the 7 Cups Tournaments.

– Guess who the designer of your stadium is! You are right – yourself!

– A leaderboard shows you where you are in the ranking list.

Head to Head FIFA Soccer Matches

Even people who have never played a mobile football game have heard of FIFA Soccer. This application offers easy matches for beginners, and also pretty challenging ones for advanced players. Warning: You can easily get addicted to this game! The only thing you need to play is a reliable internet connection. If you want to understand why its fans are crazy about it, read about its prominent features:

  • You can enjoy a head-to-head game as this edition features 11 to 11-player matches.
  • FIFA Soccer gives you the opportunity to choose your players from 500 popular teams.
  • The attack option of the game allows you to participate in fascinating matches.
  • Your team can take part in the World Wide Tournament.
  • Now you are given a chance to be the commander of a mighty league.

The Real Deal with Real Football

Real Football gives you the chance to enjoy games that resemble real matches to the smallest details. Regardless of age, gender, or occupation, everyone loves this game.  Now you can create and develop your own teams and lead them to become definite world champions. Even the commentaries are so close to perfection that you can easily mistake them for a live match on TV. Here are some of the features that make Real Football such a success:

  • The game features simple rules which everyone can understand.
  • You have the chance to challenge other players by using the PvP World Arena mode.
  • Tracking your place in the ranking list is easy, thanks to a leaderboard.
  • You can choose and upgrade your players to make the perfect team.