Score! Hero – A must play

First Touch Games Ltd had a huge success in making the Android Games and iPhone App – Score! Hero. This app has been continuously upgraded to meet the tastes and preferences of its fans. The latest version was released just a week ago, and it has already proved to be a great hit. The game has more than 700 levels, which challenge the player to experience and develop the career of their heroes. The app revolves around three simple actions – pass, shoot, and score. However, it is much more challenging than it seems! So if you are an advanced player, you will surely love Score! Hero. In this article we are going to show you its most important features.

How Much Do You Have to Pay?

Luckily this game is absolutely free. The only thing you need to do if you want to play it is to download it and then start. Moreover, you can connect through Facebook to play against your friends.

Be the Master

Thanks to the gameplay of this app, you are allowed to control the action on the football pitch. You can also enjoy 3D free-flowing scores. Your players can perform anything a real footballer can – from split defenses to bend shots. Now is your time to enjoy the best mobile football experience an app can offer!

Levels, Events and Awards

As we have mentioned above, Score! Hero offers around 720 levels. Moreover, they are still developing some new ones. So there will very soon be something new for the game experts. Apart from this, you can take part in various events which allow you to win a number of trophies. You can see your place in the rank list on leaderboards. Now you can proudly represent your country and lead its football team to victory! If you are not pleased with the club you have created, you can easily change the players, or the whole club. The most important thing for First Touch Games Ltd is to make you happy!

The New Score! Engine and AI

Score! Hero has always had remarkable engines that make the game impressive. However, now they have gone beyond expectations with the new Score! Engine. Thanks to it, now players have more freedom, and they can develop their strategies and upgrade their techniques. Though the game is easy to play, you will have to spend long hours if you want to master it.

In addition to this new engine, Score! Hero is also upgraded by its Artificial Intelligence system. AI analyses the style of each player and adapts the game according to all individual footballers on the field.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Game While Playing It

Score! Hero is considered to be one of the most beautiful games to play on mobile. The reason for this is hidden in its 3D animations. The graphics and cutscenes of this app allow you to imagine that you are on the football pitch among your players. Doesn’t this sound like a better experience than actually playing the game in real life?