Dream League Soccer Features

Dream League Soccer is the favorite game of the young and old. Its creators devote a lot of time and effort to polish it and continuously improve its features. Now, you can choose your players from around 3500 famous licensed ones. You are given a chance to compete against some of the most successful teams.  In this article you can read about the incredible features of DLS which make it so unique.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You can create your own dream team by selecting the most successful payers of the world’s top teams. After the selection, you are given the opportunity to upgrade your players and help them improve their styles. In addition to this, you can also design your stadium and make it the perfect place for your fans.

The Change Starts from the Top

Apart from choosing and developing your team, you are allowed to select their manager and also upgrade him so that he can lead your boys to success. You can have some extra fun customizing the hairstyle and clothes of the manager.

Artificial Intelligence Used for the Right Purposes

Improved AI technology has made Dream League Soccer one of the top mobile game versions. There are also upgraded animations that make the match more real.

The Winner Takes It All

Thanks to Dream League Live, you can compete against the world’s top teams. You have to make your way through 8 divisions to reach for the stars. Proving you are the best won’t be easy, but it is worth it! You will be given a chance to see the name of your team in the ranks of Global Leaderboards. In addition to this, you can take part in various events which offer exciting awards.

Other Features Which Make Playing Dream League Soccer a Unique Experience

  • The game is made more real thanks to 3D motion techniques, which make all the movements look real.
  • You can take part in more than 10 cup tournaments.
  • Apart from building your stadium and selecting the players of your own team, you can also design all the other facilities that will be needed at your stadium – for example, the medical and training ones.
  • You are also allowed to hire agents to help you select the top players.
  • The exciting commentaries of the matches will make you believe that you are either watching the game at the stadium or on the TV screen at home.
  • Upgrading the techniques and strategies of your players won’t be easy. That’s why you will have coaches who will be responsible for this process.
  • You can either customize the logo and kit of your team or create your own ones.
  • The soundtracks are also amazing. They feature The Sunset Sons, The Luka State, and Vistas.
  • The game is free – you only need to install the app and enjoy playing.
  • Dream League is equipped with a new and upgraded graphics engine.

After reading about all these wonderful features of Dream League, you no longer wonder why some people prefer playing Dream League than real football.